LifeBuilders Essentials and Declaration of Faith Sunday

This Sunday, January 7, is the Church of God’s first “Declaration of Faith Sunday.” It is the time when we stop, study and celebrate our Declaration of Faith.

In our Lifebuilders Essentials discipleship course, we make the following statement:

A church is ultimately defined by what it knows to be true, not what it thinks feels good. Because of the large number of denominations in existence, many are afraid to even discuss beliefs (usually termed doctrine.) However, as the great Bible teacher J. Vernon McGee used to say, “Those that won’t stand for something will fall for anything.”

The Church of God Declaration of Faith was a part of LifeBuilders Essentials from its first draft. We believe that learning the foundational beliefs of our church is a central part of discipleship. We invite you to take a look at LifeBuilders Essentials for the men of your church.

Also:  see Dr. G. Dennis McGuire talk about the Declaration of Faith as part of our podcast.

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