A Tribute to Paul Laverne Walker

It’s been a while since this site has had a new post, but this commemoration is special. On 23 February 2021 Paul Laverne Walker, long time pastor of the Mt. Paran Church of God and General Overseer of the Church of God 1996-2000, went to be with the Lord.

Walker was one of the most dynamic leaders the Church of God has ever had. For Lay Ministries, his greatest impact on the church was the WinChallenge program in 2000, which was a major soul winning effort. For a department which was focused from its inception on soul winning, it was a dream come true, and it resulted in a major effort which included publication of Communicating the Gospel which, in a modified and condensed form, was the inspiration for this.

The effort also gave a major boost to the Department’s internet presence, which had also been pushed forward by the LifeBuilders program. Some of the graphics from that effort are below.

He also had a light side to him. In one of his first addresses to the employees of the International Offices in 1996, he remarked that “When two or three are gathered together, there will be politics,” something that resonated with all of us.

Our prayers are with his family and all of those whose lives he touched and for whom his departure will leave a void only to be filled in eternity.

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