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The Necessity of "Multiple" Personal Invitations

A couple of weeks ago at my gym I met three new men. Turns out they’re Christians looking to grow, so I invited them to our Man in the Mirror Bible Study. They indicated a strong interest, so I gave … Continue reading

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Building Men into Teams

This week’s podcast is the video Building Men into Teams by Ray H. Hughes Jr.   Although the program details have significantly changed, many of his concepts remain valid for successful small groups.

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A Different Way to Think About Integrity

George Burns once said, "The most important thing in acting is honesty. If you can fake that you’ve got it made." Most observers agree we are in the middle of an integrity crisis. I personally know dishonesty is rampant among … Continue reading

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Why I Love Suffering

I love suffering. Not while it is happening, of course. But as I look back, all the progress in my life took place after God "refined" (by fire) something that I could/would never have dealt with on my own. The … Continue reading

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Closing Challenge

We conclude this podcast series with the Closing Challenge by Dr. Paul L. Walker, Secretary-General of the Church of God.

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The "Crawl, Walk, Run" Mindset

A team of highly competent businessmen started a men’s discipleship ministry in their church. They immediately scheduled a men’s seminar and made plans for hundreds of men to attend. They used all their business expertise to plan and rally the … Continue reading

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Discipleship and Relationships Are Important for Everyone

Our recent emphases, both in laity and men’s ministries, have been on a) discipleship (such as LifeBuilders Essentials) and b) relationships (such as our team concepts.)  We’ve also tried to reduce dependence on just programs to carry the work of … Continue reading

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Soul Winning Through Sports Ministry

This week’s podcast is Soul Winning Through Sports Ministry by Mark Walker and David Lewis.

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