Local Church Lay Coordinators

The People of Destiny

We are destined, as the "laos of God" (His people), to move forward. We know that as His people our calling and task are always to be open to discovering new and effective ways of fulfilling our ministry under the guidance of His Spirit. Our focus must be Jesus and our ministry must be to people. Our commitment is to make a difference in our neighborhood, in our community and in our world. We are God’s ambassadors and ministers. It is we who must convince the world of the reality of the gospel.

Partners in Ministry

In order to fulfill our mandate to reach the world for Christ, we must become partners in ministry. As partners we must provide a place for service and ministry for everyone. A place where everyone is worthy and valued. Being partners in ministry values the "warm heart" and the "passion for souls" that not only are our heritage as laity in this great church but are really our only secure future. This is not just another program to consider. It is a way for people in ministry to work together. Out of the concept of "Partners in Ministry," a new model for leadership in the church is emerging. This new model calls for sharing in ministry and leadership between the pastor and local church laity. It is crucial for pastors and lay leadership to work in tandem as partners in ministry. This requires a deep level of trust, commitment and communication on both sides.

The Local Church Lay Coordinator

The lay coordinator is a key player in the concept of a shared ministry. Church of God congregations nationwide are discovering the value of placing more laity in defined leadership roles. No church can grow without an involved and active laity force. Our Local Church Lay Coordinator Program is an effective method of mobilizing the laity for ministry. This person is an "information manager," organizer, planner and promoter of the many powerful lay programs and special events available to the local church. The lay coordinator is the person to help put together teams for ministry and outreach. He (or she) is the contact person who helps the pastor and other staff to put the laity to work.

Appoint Your Lay Coordinator Now!

The appointment of a Local Church Lay Coordinator is complementary to any Church of God local church. Upon appointment, the Local Church Lay Coordinator will receive:

  • The Super Sourcebook– the comprehensive source of information on lay ministries.
  • Information on witnessing, evangelism and other local church programs.

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More information on Local Church Lay Coordinators:

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 Local Congregation Ministry Objectives

  • First, our churches must become "full-service mission stations." The local church must become a center for spiritual renewal and personal commitment. The church must be a place where the Holy Spirit permeates and engages a whole community of believers. It must be a station of wholeness and healing. A station that serves as a welcoming beacon to all God’s children who are desiring to be used as ministers.
  • Second, our churches must become "saving stations." This is a place where love must abide and all people can find salvation, healing, holiness and safety. The church as a saving station must offer Christ as Savior to God’s people, to the community and to the world. The church must be a station of fellowship where all people feel included, loved, and valued; a place where people know you by name—not just an identity. The "saving station" church will have programs of ministry and healing for the young, old, men, women, boys, girls, married, singles, seniors and any and all who are hurting—all God’s children.
  • Third, our churches must become "empowering stations." This is a place where vital and exciting opportunities for worship and learning are offered. We are people of the Book and it is absolutely essential that we know and understand our Book. The "empowering" church disciples and trains its members. We must feed others with God’s manna and lead them to the well filled with water that will quench their thirst forever. We must meet the spiritual needs of our people through Bible study, discipling and training.
  • Fourth, our churches must become "equipping and sending stations." The church must be a place where we equip people for ministry and send them out into the community and world for mission and ministry. Equipping the saints for ministry is one of our most challenging tasks. Hands-on training for ministry and skill-building events are what we need for the 21st century. Every church should have a lay coordinator; a person who is dedicated, who has caught the vision and is willing to be equipped and sent, and is willing to equip others in ministry.
  • Lastly, our church must become "community outreach stations." The church must be a place where programs are offered for youth groups, men’s ministry, women’s groups, community agencies, recovery groups, and assistance for those with immediate survival needs. This "community outreach" church cares about the community in which it lives. It is committed to being peacemakers among individuals and families. This church binds up the wounds of God’s people and is compelled to help find ways to stop the causes of those wounds.

So that’s it! Mission stations, saving stations, empowering stations, equipping and sending stations, and community outreach stations. We are God’s "station keepers." We are "partners in ministry."

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