The Qur’an Lay Ministries Put Online

Church of God Lay Ministries had a significant–and sometimes groundbreaking–online presence the last fifteen years or so of its life. This site reflects but a part of that presence.

One thing that the Department put online was a copy of the Qur’an, the cover image is shown below.

The translation (if it is possible to translate the Qur’an) actually came from the Ahmadiyya part of Islam, which means that it conveys the actual Arabic that Jesus Christ actually died on the Cross and it was not a disguised event as many Sunni Muslims believe. But this was unknown to us at the time.

So why, you ask, would a Christian ministry put the Qur’an online? In the case of other groups such as Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Muslims, the Department’s philosophy was that, to meaningfully share the Christian faith with someone from these groups, it was necessary to understand their beliefs. The Department’s emphasis was principally evangelistic and not polemic. For this to work it was necessary to educate, and the Qur’an on Lay Ministries’ site was a part of that education.

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