Kingdom Calling

Kingdom Calling is our newest series for discipling men. It brings them into a deeper relationship with God. The spiritual state of men in America is depressing, but Kingdom Calling enables the men of your church to be brought to a deeper walk with God and a higher commitment to service in His Kingdom.

Kingdom Calling is part of the second phase of the LifeBuilders “10 for 10,000” program for discipling men.  It looks at the Christian life from a more relational aspect.

Take a look at the video below by author David Ferguson about this excellent series.

We offer the following:

  • Student’s Guide
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • DVD Video
  • CD Audio
  • Kingdom Calling Kit.  A complete resource which allows you to get the resources for the course in a convenient and economical format
    • DVD Video Version
    • CD Audio Version
  • Kingdom Calling Pak.  Another way to save on resources for this course.

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