Ministering at the Altar

by Don C. Warrington

“Our church doesn’t have altar calls any more…”

How many times have you heard people say that?  Or, “we don’t do altar work anymore.”   Since the days of Charles Finney the altar has been a centrepiece of Evangelical and later Pentecostal churches, but many churches don’t even have altar calls in their service, let along altar workers.

Why is this?  One reason is that, too many times, altar calls are pointless.   People come down with needs that never really get prayed for.  They may get saved, but who will know?  No one asks! They come, they have some kind of experience, and they leave, with no follow up.

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Ministering at the Altar was written to address this crying need in our churches.   It is written to train your altar workers in the basics of proper procedure at the altar, how to interact Biblically with those who come, and to gather the information necessary to follow-up on those who come.  It even helps you to qualify those who are gifted in altar work.  It also can be read individually to inform and inspire those who prepare to do the crucial work of meeting people at the point of their greatest need.

We speak of filling up our altars.  Ministering at the Altar will help you not only to fill up your altars, but fill up your church.  God is not only calling people to the altars, he is calling them to pray with those who come.  This little book will help the laity in your church make that a reality.

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