The Watchtower: From House-to-House and Door-to-Door, Jehovah's Witnesses Winning Millions

By Leonard C. Albert

A visit to a Kingdom Hall

The title to this article is from a song that I heard sung at a Kingdom Hall, the name of a local congregation for the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. It went like this:

From house-to-house and door-to-door
We separate the sheep from goats.

The music was from an old audio turntable and not even in stereo. It was not melodious or cheerful; rather, it was more like a funeral dirge. The people sang the words in a mournful tone. As I stood there along with the other attendees, I realized that the “goats” referred to anyone who was not a member of the Jehovah’s Witness organization (namely me!) and that the “sheep” were those who had converted to the real “truth” of their JW organization. I prefer to call them JW’s because they certainly are not Christian and they certainly are not true witnesses for Jehovah. But they sure do witness don’t they? They seem to be on every street corner and in every home in America!

Where are the Christians? Over the years I have asked many JW’s if anyone has ever truly sat down with them and discussed the Bible. Most say “never!” I think the real problem is that the members of the Evangelical church have become “Jehovah’s bystanders!” We simply do not take the time to study and learn about this amazing cult, and we do not witness to them and try to win them for Jesus. That’s the reason I was in that Kingdom Hall the night I heard the song—I wanted to learn what they believed and be able to better share the real Jesus with them. I learned a lot that night. I learned that they now start five new Kingdom Hall congregations every 24 hours. I learned that someone, somewhere in the world becomes a convert to the movement every 2 1/2 minutes! I learned that there are at least 100,000 dedicated “pioneers” that commit to go door-to-door for at least three hours each day. That’s over 1,000 hours each year. That’s 300,000 man-hours each year! No wonder we see them so often. I also learned that they do not study the Bible—they study books. These books have the questions and the answers right in them so the people do not have to think. The Watchtower takes care of that for them. They just check their brains in at the door to the Kingdom Hall.

A visit to my home

Just a short time ago, two very polite JW’s knocked at our door. My wife, Pat, answered and invited them inside. They introduced themselves as simply Lillian and Virginia and said they had each been members of the “society” for 40 years. My dear wife explained that her husband [me] was not at home but if they would come back the following Tuesday it would be possible to have a nice chat about the message of the Watchtower. They both thought this was a good idea.

What neither one of them realized is that I have been studying this cult for at least 20 years. I have learned a wonderful way to share Christ with these people. I have discovered that they know very little about the Bible. As mentioned above, they only study books as they are not allowed to study and read any literature except that which is approved by the leadership. My mentor and the greatest cult expert that I know is Dr. Charles Beach. He says that the best way to witness to them is to focus solely on the deity of Christ. Some years ago he wrote a little booklet titled What Jehovah Wants His Witnesses to Know. This is a fantastic book because he uses only scriptures from their “mistranslated” version of the Bible titled The New World Translation. This translation is horribly incorrect, but Brother Beach found many passages in it where they forgot to change the meaning especially relating to Jesus being God with us.

During the one-week interval we fasted, prayed and studied in anticipation of their visit. I believe that the presence of the Holy Spirit was very real in our home when they entered into our living room. I could see that they were both very tense. Lillian was the spokesperson and she was literally sitting on the edge of our comfortable wingback chair. I asked her where she was from and she immediately went on the defensive. “What do you mean by that?” she replied. I said, “Well, are you from Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama…you know what state are you from?” Well she was so nervous that she could barely utter that her home state was Georgia. I proceeded to explain that we would be talking about the deity of Christ. I told them that we would only use the JW bible (New World Translation) and that we would not argue. I told them that after studying their bible for 20 years, I was surprised to find out that it proved that Jesus was God, that there was a trinity and that hell was a literal place where people go and are not consumed or burned up as they teach. Were they ever surprised! They got even more upset as I opened up their bible and began to show them the scriptures (see companion article titled How to Witness to Jehovah’s Witnesses). They both became so nervous that they could hardly speak. They immediately got up to leave. I said, “No, please don’t go. We’ve only just begun.”

They went right out the door after only about 15 minutes in our home. Would you like to know why? I think it was because the power of truth was present. I think they both realized that I knew what I was talking about and they were scared to death that I was going to show them something in their own bible that the Watchtower had not taught them. It is pitiful that two JW’s, each with over 40 years in the movement, would be afraid of their own bible. The only reason is that they are like robots, only knowing a little about truth here and there but never knowing the real person of truth—Jesus Christ! Did not He say, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”? (John 8:32).

A “Witness for the Witnesses”

Why don’t you consider taking a little time to study our material on how to witness to JW’s? We have excellent resources. First, read the companion article below. Next, order the following: What Jehovah Wants His Witnesses to Know, Spirit of Truth and Spirit of Error (Vol. 1), Jehovah’s Witnesses: Who Are They and What Do They Believe? And a special new witnessing tract titled A Gospel Test for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Click on the bookstore to the left to order.

How to Witness to Jehovah’s Witnesses

A Simple Approach Using Their Bible

By Leonard C. Albert


  • Greeting at the door: Give them a warm smile and invite them in
  • First comment: I have been reading your bibles.
  • Second comment: Agree with them! Like you, I believe Jesus was a man.
  • Third comment: Transition to talk about the deity of Christ. I also believe that Jesus was God.
  • Fourth comment: Let’s take a look at the New World Translation.

Witnessing Method: Explain the Deity of Christ

The use of the initials KIT refers to a Bible they use called the Kingdom Interlinear Translation. It would be a real asset to the witnessing encounter if the reader could obtain a copy. Your local Kingdom Hall should have a copy they will sell you if you have the courage to visit them!

Click here for the relevant scriptures and the real explanations for them.  Present all of this to them. Print it out if you need to!


Mention to the JW that there is a problem with the message of the Watchtower and the message of the Bible. They are in conflict! At this point (and probably well before) the JW will try to get you off the subject by talking about the Trinity, eternal torment or some other topic. Don’t be sidetracked. Just stick to the deity of Christ (more information on that here). Tell the JW that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has deceived them. Something is wrong. Get them to think! Tell them that if what they believe is not true then they should do something about it. Set up a time when you can meet again and study the Bible (KJV) together. Then do the most important thing: pray for the JW each day by name. Remember the words of 1 Peter 3:15, “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and [be] ready always to [give] an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.”

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