Testimony about LifeBuilders, and LifeBuilders Essentials

From Jason Althoff in Terre Haute, Indiana, following the 2009 LifeBuilders Indiana State Conference:

FYI, an amazing testimony of the work of the Lord in our church and specifically our men: By the Holy Ghost, Pastor Sanders called an altar call on Sunday night after worship for men and over 25 men, I lost count, came up for ministry and 2 were filled will the Holy Ghost with manifestation of speaking in tongues for the first time!  Not to mention the Essentials class on Sunday (prior to this altar call) we were in Lesson 4 on the “Holy Ghost/Walking in the Spirit” and we had a guest speaker who gave multiple words of knowledge relating to our lesson, specifically Acts 1:8 and how we “don’t use the gift of the Holy Ghost for its intended purpose, soul-winning, witnessing and testifying of Jesus Christ outside the 4 walls of the church”….WOW, CONFIRMATION!!!!  Praise God!  He is a wonderful and marvelous God!!! Our discipleship class has entered into strategic prayer for the men of the State of Indiana as well…

LifeBuilders Essentials can be ordered here.

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