Identifying the New Age Movement

The New Age Movement comes under many different names, like the Aquarian Conspiracy, New Consciousness, New Orientalism, Cosmic Humanism, Cosmic Consciousness, Mystical Humanism, Human Potential Movement, and Holistic Health Movement.

Warning signals should flare up whenever New Age “buzzwords” are used, words like: awakening, enlightenment, centering, consciousness, cosmic energy, force of life, global village, holistic, human potential, self-actualization, networking, planetary vision, spaceship earth, synergistic, transcendental, transformational, and transpersonal. Obviously, not everyone who uses these words is a New Ager. But the New Age significance of these words in our present culture should alert us to the possibility of an underlying New Age system.

New Age symbols like the rainbow, pyramid, triangle, eye in a triangle, pegasus, concentric circles, rays of light, swastika, yin-yang, goathead on a pentagram, the numerals 666, and the unicorn should cause us to closer evaluate the person, organization, or activity they might represent. (Again, the use of these symbols does not necessarily signify a New Ager, just as the wearing of a cross does not necessarily indicate its wearer is a Christian.)

If God is spoken of in terms of an impersonal entity or identified with the world or energy in any way, then you have probably stumbled upon New Age ground.

Beware of movies, songs, lectures, literature, or even business seminars which claim that humans possess “unlimited potential.” Carried to its logical conclusion, this is just another way of saying that we are god.

When seminars or books attempt to talk to us about our potential at all, be attentive for modernized forms of sorcery. Sorcery may be defined as the ability to manipulate objects, people, or events by one’s will or perception. “Visualizing” or “imaging” an event to occur is essentially an occultic practice.

Remember that the New Age Movement is essentially a mystical form of humanism. New Agers carry the humanistic belief in the essential goodness of man to the point of godhood. So be careful of any teaching that emphasizes the goodness of man or ignores the reality of sin in the world.

We should be particularly wary when someone refers to Jesus Christ as “the Christ spirit” or “Christ consciousness.”

New Age thought is also permeated with the use of feelings to determine the truth. Shirley MacLaine admitted that she had no proof for reincarnation, but she felt it was true. Mysticism is appealing when one ignores his or her rational faculties. But the Scriptures command us to “test the spirits to see whether they are from God” and to discern the difference between the spirit of truth and error (1 John 4:1, 6). The New Age god would have us put our logic aside-but the God of the Bible encourages us to love Him with all our heart, soul and mind (Matthew 22:37, 38).

The New Age Movement believes in the unity of all religions and the eventual cooperation of all governments. Thus they are a strong force behind both the world peace and ecumenical movements.

  1. If we discover any one of these warning signs in a movie, song, book, seminar, or organization, then our “spiritual detectors” should be on the alert for a possible New Age influence.
  2. Of course, like the warning signs of cancer, no single symptom is a sure sign of disease. But if the symptoms persist over a period of time, those who have been exposed should consult the Great Physician.
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