Start a Men's Small Group

by John Campbell

In hundreds of Church of God congregations across North America, men are discovering spiritual vitality in small-group Bible study through LifeBuilders Men’s Ministry. LifeBuilders is a full-fledged program for encouraging both men in the church and men of the community to grow together spiritually. The program has a fourfold purpose focusing on spiritual, social, community service, and soulwinning aspects of a man’s life. This encourages the men’s group to grow in Christ and reach out to the unsaved.

The success of “Promise Keepers” and “LifeBuilders” conferences gives evidence that this is needed and desired by men seeking the things of God. We talk about numbers in attendance as the measure of a successful effort. Large crowds are appreciated, however, let’s not overlook the importance of the intimate small gathering where all men have a chance to participate in a meaningful way.

Ownership in the group and the feeling of being important are additional benefits that come not only to the group but also to the individual. Meaningful growth comes when one sits down with men week after week and seeks to strengthen their walk and develop personal accountability . . . with their help.

A personal one-on-one relationship is the most effective ministry opportunity we will ever have. It’s called disciplining or mentoring and is encouraged in the Bible. Two mornings a week can be set aside where two men meet together and encourage one another in Christ. This could become an exciting thing. Many now prefer the small group and actively pursue the one-on-one relationship . . . you may also once you have experienced it.

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