Essentials for Planning a Meeting


An effective program of the Men’s Ministry depends upon interest and attendance. Various methods of communication should be used in contacting the absentees and soliciting new members. Personal contacts and advertising encourages regular attendance at the meetings.


All activities of the Men’s Ministry must be well–publicized. This includes posters, brochures, church announcements and direct mail. All correspondence and the utilization of other methods of publicizing the program, in keeping with the standards of the Men’s Ministry, shall be carried out by the appropriate team member.


Each meeting should be well planned with a specific objective to be accomplished.

Spiritual Life

The goal of every believer is Christian maturity. LifeBuilders Men’s Ministries offers an effective way to help men become more like Christ. This is accomplished through the LifeBuilders discipleship program, especially LifeBuilders Essentials and Kingdom Calling. The result of these courses is to cultivate the following in men, which the Chapter should facilitate and encourage:

  • Scripture reading and devotions
  • Training in personal witnessing
  • Developing an effective prayer life
  • Spiritual outreach ministries
  • Becoming responsible stewards

Every member of a LifeBuilders group should be given the opportunity to present the devotions.

Matthew 25 Men

Matthew 25 Men is available to those churches who select a Head Coach. The Head Coach is the “point man” for the organization and coordination of Matthew 25 Men trips. The Head Coach contacts one of the designated “Matthew 25 Men Centers” which have been selected by either the Department of Lay Ministries or the state/regional office. He makes the arrangements for housing, food and work schedule with the Matthew 25 Men Center. Normally the men will make an overnight trip to the center, perform their ministry work and return to the church in time for Sunday worship.

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