Duties of the Men's Ministry Leadership Team

Team Leader

The Team Leader’s duties and responsibilities include:

  • Presiding over meetings
  • Planning and presiding over Leadership Team meetings
  • Assigning specific tasks to team members
  • Directing the training of team members
  • Presenting needs to the Pastor and/or Church and Pastor’s council
  • Communicating information on denominational programs
  • Providing for distribution of publications materials for Men’s Ministry members
  • Being a contact person for the International Department of Lay Ministries

Team Members

Chapters can be flexible in how they allocate various duties to team members. Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing all committees to keep them organized and active
  • Assisting in distribution of church publications for men
  • Developing procedures to increase attendance and enrollment
  • Publicizing meetings
  • Promoting fellowship
  • Recording minutes of all official meetings
  • Presenting records and minutes for approval at each regular meeting
  • Recording attendance at each meeting
  • Maintaining an accurate membership list
  • Receiving and disbursing funds
  • Participating in the planning committee meetings
  • Ordering materials and supplies
  • Completing and mailing the annual report in November to the International Department of Lay Ministries
  • Notifying the International Department of Lay Ministries of any change in Team members.
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