Steps in Organizing a LifeBuilders Men’s Ministry

Organizing a Men’s Ministry chapter is a relatively simple matter that can be accomplished with a minimum of effort and men. Before it can reach the stage where it can carry on as a successful program, a number of steps must be accomplished. These are as follows:

STEP 1. Initiation by Senior Pastor. The Senior Pastor forms a men’s ministry leadership team and, optionally, selects a Team Leader. The Pastor also reviews the benefits for the men and the pastor.

STEP 2. First Meeting by Men’s Ministry Leadership Team. At the initial meeting, the team:

  • Has a session of prayer for the chapter organization.
  • Selects the Team Leader if the Senior Pastor has not already done so.
  • Thoroughly reviews the goals and objectives for a LifeBuilders Men’s Ministry.
  • Sets the date for the first organizational meeting of the men of the church.
  • Discusses publicity for the meeting (bulletin boards, church newsletter or bulletin, telephone, personal letters, email, announcements, etc..)
  • Commits itself to carrying out the meeting plan and to vigorously promote the meeting.

STEP 3. Leading up to the Organizational Meeting. The Team executes its planning
and promotion leading up to the Organizational Meeting.

STEP 4. The Organizational Meeting. Here’s what the men do at this meeting:

  • Have a session of prayer for the chapter organization.
  • Thoroughly review the goals and objectives for a LifeBuilders Men’s Ministry.
  • Have presented to them the Men’s Ministry Team Leader and the Leadership Team.
  • Review and adopt the constitution for the chapter.
  • Discuss and adopt the initial program of the Chapter, including the discipleship programs and any other activities to promote the LifeBuilders chapter.
  • Commit themselves to carry out the program of the chapter.
  • Set a date for the next meeting, at which the Pastor will present the charter.

STEP 5. Mail the completed application and charter fee to:

Church of God Department of Laity Ministries
P. O. Box 2430
Cleveland, TN 37320-2430

This process can also be done online as well.

Any materials necessary for the discipleship program of the chapter can be ordered at this time from the Department of Lay Ministries, either with paper
forms or by visiting our web store.

STEP 6. Financing LifeBuilders Men’s Ministries

  • Locally—The method of financing LifeBuilders Men’s Ministry shall be left to the discretion of the members and team leaders; however, it is suggested that yearly dues be collected to help offset the cost of ministry projects. The amount of dues is to be determined by eachlocal ministry group. The decision should be included in your bylaws.
  • International—LifeShare Annual Giving Program. All groups chartered with the International Department of Lay Ministries are requested to receive and mail to us an annual contribution to assist in our worldwide outreach. Details of each year’s project will be mailed to the Men’s Ministry Team Leader.
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