Role of the Pastor in a LifeBuilders Men's Ministry

Whatever LifeBuilders Men’s Ministries is able to do in accomplishing its task will, to a great degree, depend on the attitude, support, relationship, and assistance given by the pastor. The pastor is vital to Men’s Ministry work. He stands with the team in giving direction and promotion. The pastor can influence the men to help accomplish the total mission of the church.

Important responsibilities of the pastor are to:

  • Initiate the selection of team leaders and ministry team. The pastor can use whatever resources are at his or her disposal to choose capable men.
  • Provide guidance. The pastor should actively assist the ministry team in planning the goals and work of the group.
  • Encourage participation. The pastor should involve men in the total ministry of the church.
  • Organize a Prayer Partners Team. This gives men an opportunity to participate in prayer with the pastor.
  • Sponsor activities for men. Encourage the men to take advantage of district, state and national lay ministry events and conferences.

The Senior Pastor or a personal delegate is always an “ex-officio” member at all LifeBuilders Men’s Ministry meetings.

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