Frequently Asked Questions about LifeBuilders Men's Ministries

  1. Q. Are Leadership Team members elected or appointed? A. The Pastor appoints the Leadership Team. He or she may call for an election at the Pastor’s sole discretion.
  2. Q. How long may the Team leaders be in place. A. The Leadership Team serves for an indefinite term, at the Pastor’s discretion.
  3. Q. What is the LifeBuilders discipleship process? A. The LifeBuilders discipleship process is the three-step process described in the “LifeBuilders Discipleship Process” page.
  4. Q. Does the Men’s Ministry set church policy? A. The Men’s Ministry is an outreach ministry of the church and does not set church policy.
  5. Q. Is Men and Women of Action part of the Men’s Ministries International? A. No. Men and Women of Action is an independent ministry working in cooperation with the Church of God World Missions. Matthew 25 Men are a ministry of the local church reaching out to the world in need through the LifeBuilders Men’s Ministry. Matthew 25 Men network with Men of Action in many ways to help hurting people. It is recommended that a Head Coach be selected from the group to head Matthew 25 Men teams.
  6. Q. How often should our men’s chapter meet? A. Preferably once a month if possible; if not, a minimum of eight times per year.
  7. Q. Should we have other regular meetings? A. Definitely! You may organize spiritual life studies, weekly Bible studies, early morning prayer, or prayer seminars held at the church or local restaurant, etc. There are no limits on how often you meet.
  8. Q. Are the wives ever invited? A. The regular monthly meetings are for men only; however, occasionally the wives should be invited to special meetings.
  9. Q. Is there an age limit for Men’s Ministry membership? A. Sixteen is the recommended minimum age for membership.
  10. Q. Can sons under the age of 16 attend meetings? A. Yes, your children are a vital part of the Men’s Ministry and should be encouraged to attend
    when appropriate.
  11. Q. Can non–Christians be members of Men’s Ministry? A. Encourage non–Christians to attend meetings but they are not eligable for membership.
  12. Q. Is there a fee for chartering? A. Yes, a nominal fee is charged and the Resource Action Manual is included with the fee.
  13. Q. How can existing chartered Men’s Ministry chapters get the latest Resource Action Manual?A. Every chapter is encouraged to purchase the Resource Action Manual as it contains a wealth of “how to” information.
  14. Q. Does the local Men’s Ministry chapter exist to support the local church or the International Department of Lay Ministries? A. The Men’s Ministry is designed to support the local church and pastor. The International Department of Lay Ministries is the resource center for the local church LifeBuilders Men’s Ministry and, therefore, every chapter is encouraged to cooperate with recommended programs and ministries that are developed for the good of all churches.
  15. Q. We’re trying to prepare great looking publications to promote our chapter. How to we obtain the LifeBuilders logos? A. You can download these from here.
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