Constitution for LifeBuilders Men’s Ministries

The global outreach of the church depends on the contribution of dedicated men. To meet this  challenge the Church of God does hereby establish LifeBuilders Men’s Ministries, which shall be the official organization for men of the Church of God throughout the world.

This organization shall be designed to promote . . .

  • Personal spiritual growth
  • Men’s Ministries on a local, state, national, and international level
  • A program for lay participation in the global outreach of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the ministry of lay evangelism.



Section One: The name of the organization shall be LifeBuilders Men’s Ministry.

Section Two: LifeBuilders is the normally designated name for local church chapters of Church of God Men’s Ministries International. It is permissible to use an alternate name for the men’s ministry.


Section One: Membership in LifeBuilders Men’s Ministries shall be open to all Christian men. Membership is granted only through a local Men’s Ministry chapter.

Section Two: Applications for membership shall be submitted to the Men’s Ministry Leadership Team.

Section Three: All members of LifeBuilders Men’s Ministries shall be encouraged to wear and display the official LifeBuilders emblem.


Chapter Leadership Team

Section One: The leadership of the Chapter shall be invested in a Men’s Ministry Leadership Team, chosen by the Pastor. A Team Leader shall preside over Team meetings. The Pastor and Head Coach shall be ex officio members of the Leadership Team.

Section Two: All Team Members must be men who are Church of God members in good standing.

All Team Members shall be registered with the International Department of Lay Ministries and any changes shall be reported immediately to keep the files current.

Section Three: Each chapter may have any number of empowered small groups which should include, but not be limited to, the following: executive, program, lay evangelism, public relations, membership enlistment, projects, fellowship activities, discipleship programs, community service, and spiritual life.

The Leadership Team shall designate these teams, and also serve as the program committee.

Further, should the local chapter desire to network with other men’s organizations, the position of Head Coach shall be established and a person appointed to this office.


Local Chapter Operation

Section One: The organization and program of the local chapter shall be designed to ensure the widest possible participation of men.

Section Two: The local chapter shall function to provide fellowship for Christian men and offer a tangible way for them to participate in the global outreach of the gospel.

Section Three: The method of financing local programs of LifeBuilders Men’s Ministry shall be recommended by the Leadership Team and approved by the chapter members.

Section Four: An annual report shall be completed and mailed in November to the International Department of Lay Ministries.


Chapter Bylaws

Section One: Each chapter shall establish bylaws to meet local needs (time, place, frequency of meetings, finance, etc.).

Section Two: All bylaws are recommended by the local executive board and approved by a majority vote of the chapter members.



Section One: Any suggested changes to the constitution shall be recommended to the International Lay Ministries Board in regular session. Constitutional amendments shall be adopted or rejected by a majority vote of the International Lay Ministries Board.

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