QuickWord® From Leonard Albert and Church of God Laity Ministries: Some Thoughts on Discipling and Mentoring Men

My heart, soul and mind are just bursting with ideas on how we can reach and disciple 10,000 new men through Church of God LifeBuilders Men’s Ministries.  It is possible and it is happening right before our eyes as we see churches everywhere forming powerful local chapters of men’ groups.

So how do we disciple them?  So many methods come to mind.  Here are a few:

Preaching and Teaching

The age-old starting point for making disciples is the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.  Don’t overlook or underestimate the power to make disciples from the pulpit.  Encourage your pastor to preach sermons with “men in mind.”

Private Study

Men cannot become disciples apart without Bible study.  Pat Morley goes so far as to say that he has never known a single man whose life has changed in any significant way apart from the regular study of God’s Word.  Encourage your men to read God’s Word and become involved . For the last 25 years I have read the entire Bible through in one year beginning in January with Genesis and ending up in December with Revelation.  It has changed my life.

Small Groups

We talked in the last QuickWord® about the effectiveness of breaking the men up into small groups.  This is a dynamic way to build disciples.  Some examples of small groups are:

  • Bible studies
  • Accountability groups
  • Prayer groups
  • Share groups
  • Men only
  • Couples
  • Home groups
  • Office groups

Most meaningful change takes place in the context of small group relationships.  As men tell their “stories,” the truth of the gospel gets personal as men see the life of Christ lived out in other men.

With this thought in mind let me share the words from Jason Althoff, one of our newest men’s leaders from the Terre Haute (Indiana) Church of God.  He is doing a great job of teaching our exciting discipling book for men, titled LifeBuilders Essentials.  He e-mailed us recently to share about how he is setting up his weekly men’s discipleship teaching sessions.  He says,

“I’m giving an introduction to the Ten for 10,000 program and the three-step model on this Sunday morning, followed by the 12 week course each Sunday for the following 12 Sundays from July 12 – Sept 27.  I have set it up as an interactive class, utilizing all materials, multimedia available to me through the program…lessons, PowerPoint’s, videos, appendices….in addition to this, the Lord has commissioned me to draw on some experience I have and some advice the material presents about it being best taught one on one.  Well, with 14 in the class, it will hardly be one on one, however, I have set up that there will be seven groups of two (He sent them out by two’s!) for accountability partnerships or journey relationships, for the duration of the course.  This will work to get the men engaging at least one other brother during the week to go over the lesson, encourage one another, and most importantly to pray for each other, the lesson, the class, and men’s discipleship in general at our local assembly.  Lastly, I have set up that each week, one man will be assigned to present his own topic related to the week’s lesson that the Lord gives him while studying.  It can be whatever they want, but related to the topic in the lesson, and it will be five minutes or so for them to talk…  This makes the class a lot more personal in a classroom setting and keeps the men accountable on a weekly basis while we are not in the classroom.  I have obviously also included that I will be available during the week for anyone needing one on one support.”

We think Jason has the right idea.  Remember that “relationship is the task” and that men grow when they are in relationship with and accountable to other Godly men.  Are you teaching LifeBuilders Essentials to your men?  Would you consider doing it soon?

Also, we are adding more great study materials to our men’s curriculum.  Soon we have two new (new to us that is!) discipleship study courses for stages one and two (that is Walking With Christ and Living for Christ.)  Also, we are adding a study course in apologetics to help men be better witnesses for Jesus.

Thank you for all you are doing to help reach, win and disciple men.  It is some of the most exciting and gratifying work I have ever done.  I am honored to labor with other servants like you.  We call ourselves B.U.M.S. which stands for: Brothers, United together, Ministers and Servants.  Thank God for BUMS!

Blessings on you!

Leonard C. Albert

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1 Response to QuickWord® From Leonard Albert and Church of God Laity Ministries: Some Thoughts on Discipling and Mentoring Men

  1. donstedge says:

    I have to say that small groups is the way to go. At our church we’ve done several men’s small group studies. I highly recommend “LifeBuilders Essentials” followed by “Kingdom Calling”. Men are dying to get closer to the Lord and each other and these studies are perfect ways to do it. We have them during the week where each week, a different man hosts the study at his house. (The host provides food, in the way of inexpensive snacks or a pizza because eating together is a great way to fellowship. Plus many men are coming straight from work so they miss dinner otherwise.) This way we get to see how each other lives, meet their families, etc… I would say, if you haven’t done it before, give it a try.

    Don Stedge, Men’s Ministry Leader, Solid Rock Church of God, New Windsor, NY)

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