QuickWord® From Leonard Albert and Church of God Laity Ministries: The Monthly LifeBuilders Men’s Meeting: Big Meeting/Little Meeting

Here’s the way it works in many churches. We finally get the men’s ministry off “square one” and begin to have some meaningful monthly meetings. The men are excited and the attendance is not bad. We invite a guest speaker, they do a great job and we dismiss and have a few refreshments. The problem is that this will not work well in the long term. The men get tired of the routine and the meetings become boring because you can’t always have a dynamic speaker every month. Do you know what you end up with? It is called: meet it—eat it—and beat it!

We have found a better way to help bring the message of the monthly meeting home and impact the lives of the men attending. We call it big meeting—little meeting.

Here is how it works:

  1. Instruct whoever is speaking to hold their presentation to about 30 minutes.
  2. Then put the men in small groups of five to seven men and discuss the content of the evening’s message.
  3. You can wrap us the evening by having each group report on their discussion.

This is a powerful way to allow the men to have personal input and be able to digest what has been preached or taught. Pat Morley does this every Friday at his community-wide men’s Bible class. He even has “table leaders” who are ready with three or four pertinent questions concerning the topic that was shared.

I was at the Bronxwood Church of God in Bronx, New York with Nelson Morrison, the LifeBuilders men’s leader. One of the other members of his leadership team spoke for 30 minutes on the vision for some future projects of the local group. He then broke us down into these small groups of men and had us each speak to one of the vision points. When we all met again in the big group he had a complete list of powerful new activities that the men wanted. This is a very effective way to keep the momentum and excitement going in your local chapters.

All of us here in the International Office of LifeBuilders Men’s Ministry are committed to helping you improve your work in the local church. If you want different results, you have to do different things. I have noticed that people don’t change until they become uncomfortable with something. Our job as leaders is to help men become uncomfortable with the way they live. Jesus comes with tension. If we declare the Scriptures in love, men will become uncomfortable. Benjamin Franklin said, “You can’t keep doing things the same way and expect different results.”

As we close, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does my men’s ministry need improvement and, if so, what needs to happen?
  2. How can I help your men become uncomfortable with lukewarm ways?

Blessings on you!

Leonard C. Albert

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1 Response to QuickWord® From Leonard Albert and Church of God Laity Ministries: The Monthly LifeBuilders Men’s Meeting: Big Meeting/Little Meeting

  1. donstedge says:

    As a the Men’s Ministry leader at our church, I can testify to the power and effectiveness of this process. When we started implementing short talks and small group discussions at our monthly gatherings the I noticed two things: 1) men are dying to talk to other men about what’s going on in their lives. They realize that everyone else is going through or has experienced what they’re going through so its okay to talk about it. And 2) Men finally get to know the other men in the church and develop relationships with them instead of the “Hi and Bye” before and after Sunday Services.

    This also lightens the load of the ministry leader and/or pastor because now the guys can minister to each other instead having to rely on you solely. It’s a great way to build a ministry.

    Don Stedge, Solid Rock Church of God, New Windsor, NY

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