Ideas for Matthew 25 Men: Excellence for the Rest of Us

excellence-albert-sPart of our “10 for 10,000” program for discipling men in the local church is “Matthew 25 Men.”  It’s the “Work for Christ” part, where men actually turn the ideas they are discipled into deeds.

Up until now, Matthew 25 Men has involved traveling to remote places.  But need isn’t isolated in a few places.  And many men simply do not have the time or resources themselves to make such a journey.

Now, Matthew 25 Men includes outreach and mission projects in your own town or city!  Our resource for this is Excellence for the Rest of Us.  It has an entire chapter on “Inreach and Outreach” which shows you and the men of your church how to make an impact in your community–and ultimately on your men.  It includes the following:

  • Detailed guidance on outreaches such as to nursing homes, prisons, hospitals and community chapels
  • The “Inreach/Outreach Grid,” the complete outline and idea source for all kinds of projects, both inside and outside the church
  • An advanced description of team ministry, essential at all levels of effective men’s ministry
  • And many other ideas and projects!

Excellence for the Rest of Us can be obtained directly from the publisher by clicking here or on the cover image.  If you want to teach this book as a course, an instructor’s guide is also available.

Disponible En Español


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