QuickWord® From Leonard Albert and Church of God Laity Ministries: LifeBuilders First-ever Video Conference A Success

For the last few months Clifford Hare and Ed Jost have been leading the LifeBuilders men’s group at the 103rd Street Church of God in Jacksonville, Florida.  These two guys are cutting edge and are really at the forefront of the men’s movement.  Their senior pastor, Rev. Cliff Gobble backs them every step of the way and attends the men’s events as well.

The other night I had the privilege of speaking in their monthly meeting.  I got to meet each of the 16 men in attendance, spoke with the pastor and then gave a 25 minute challenge to reach and disciple men for Christ.  I told them about our Ten for 10,000 plan to win 10,000 new men in the Church of God in the next five years, I mentioned how they were a vital part of this great challenge.  I told them about the new men’s ministry “adventure” that we have created called Matthew 25 Men.  This is an opportunity to spend a weekend away from home and go to hurting people and do deeds of kindness.  In Atlanta, Georgia they can do street ministry; in Logan, West Virginia they can visit the hungry and homeless and help feed them; and in Gallup, New Mexico they can reach the Navajo “first Americans.”  At the end, I gave them the same challenge that I do every local group: I asked them to commit to reaching, discipling and equipping 20 new men in their group in the coming months.

Here’s the wonderful thing about the evening I spent with these men: I never had to leave my house here in Cleveland, Tennessee! We did it for free over the Internet with OOVOO (www.oovoo.com) a “video-over-internet-protocol” software that is available free for any computer with a web-cam and a decent broadband connection.  Cliff Hare went out and bought a $70 web camera and hooked it up to a microphone stand; and then  from my study I could see and speak to every man.  It was amazing!  It was so easy for me to have a chance to meet and minister to new men.  We’re going to do these all over the country and around the world, because we don’t have much time left!  I truly believe that Jesus is coming soon, and I also believe that what we want to be found doing when He comes we had better begin doing now!

Blessings on you!

Leonard C. Albert

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