Evangelism Breakthrough Training at the World Outreach Worship Center

Evangelism training, in particular that which is known as Evangelism Breakthrough (EB), has been an integral part of the World Outreach Worship Center (formerly the Denbigh Church of God) since 1979. At that time, four local members attended the General Church training in Danville, VA for EB Phase I – effective Christian witnessing; and some also participated in the 1981 General Church training in Roanoke, VA for EB Phase II – effective witnessing to those caught up in the cults.

Since that time, more than 250 members and friends of this congregation have completed the in-house Phase I course and more than 100 members and friends have completed the local Phase II course. Based on the successful completion of both phases of EB training, more than 80 members have been awarded “Lay Minister” cards from this local congregation. With this training, the church has seen God do many wondrous salvations, healings, deliverances, and during home visites rescuing some involved in the cults.

Laity Ministries has offered Evangelism Breakthrough for many years.  Now the Teacher’s Guide has been revised, as have the PowerPoint presentations (only available from Laity Ministries.)  Click here for this and all of our personal evangelism materials.

Our thanks to John E. Lamar, Director of Lay Ministries, World Outreach Worship Center, and David Hagee, Evangelism Director for the Church of God in Virginia, for this information.

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