Finding Strength in These Hard Times

A lot of men are facing hard times today—the economy, marriage struggles, children kidnapped by a self-absorbed culture.

What is the battle you must fight today? Where will you find your strength? Will you depend on superior force or strategy? Will you depend on God? Or will you be divided and pray to God while you rely on your own best thinking?

A civil war broke out between Abijah of Judah and Jeroboam of Israel. Abijah mustered 400,000 troops, but Jeroboam fielded 800,000 warriors. Jeroboam secretly sent part of his army behind Judah to ambush them. A fierce battle was fought that day.

In the end, Abijah’s smaller force decimated Jeroboam’s larger army. In fact, 500,000 men of Israel were killed that day.

The difference? Jeroboam depended on superior troop strength and strategy. He assumed he would overwhelm Abijah by force. But Abijah and his troops put their trust in God: “So you see, God is with us” (2 Chronicles 13:12). And the result?

  • “God defeated Jeroboam….” (13:15).
  • “…and God handed them over….” (13:16).
  • “So Judah defeated Israel…because they trusted in the LORD….” (13:18).

The Big Idea: To have the Lord on your side is better than having the right strategy.

Teach your men to prepare wisely for the battles they must fight today, but to never put their trust is their capabilities—whether strength or strategy. Instead, teach your men that having the Lord on their side is better than having the right strategy. God will fight for them, if they let Him.

Yours for changed lives,

Patrick Morley, Ph.D.

Man in the Mirror

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