LifeBuilders Men at No Man Left Behind

The recent "No Man Left Behind" conference put on by Man in the Mirror is the premier training event for men’s ministries leaders, including pastors and denominational leaders as well.  At the recent session in Orlando (Man in the Mirror’s headquarters,) eighteen Church of God men’s ministry leaders gathered not only to be trained and challenged to excellence, but also to challenge Man in the Mirror as well.

Fred Ledbetter (left, from Alaska) and Chris Walters (North Carolina) make careful note of the training.

Leonard Albert (left,) Executive Director, confers with Brett Clemmer, Man in the Mirror’s Vice President.

Rodney Rudder (centre, just under and to the right of the "Exit" sign,) Chris Lindo (both from the United Kingdom) and Sidney Jarret from the Central Church of God, Orlando, FL, pointed out by one of their Assemblies of God bretheren from upstate New York.

Pastor Tom Stimpson (far right) of the Solid Rock Church of God, New Windsor, New York, has lunch with his delegation, including (facing, from left to right) Leslie Nathaniel, Don Stedge and former NYPD officer Frank Alonso.

International Lay Ministries Board member Noel Gordon (right, Central Church of God, Orlando, FL) with fellow church members David Nelson (facing) and Sidney Jarret (back.)

At the go cart track, Friday night.  The men of the Church of God took this on with the same competitive spirit as they do their men’s ministries.

The entire Church of God delegation to No Man Left Behind.  In the centre in the grey shirt is the other Church of God pastor to attend, Pastor Alan Imes of the New Beginnings Church of God in Waterville, Maine.

The entire 42nd class of No Man Left Behind.  At the end of the conference, it is Man in the Mirror’s custom to pray over the pastors, which we did in concert prayer, quite and event for a multi-denominational meeting.

We are already organising for the October session of No Man Left Behind in Orlando.  If you are interested in attending, you can click here to view the video and contact us for further information.

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