Jesus: The First 30 Years

I’m teaching a new series at The Man in the Mirror Bible Study here in Orlando called Hanging Out With Jesus. The men really seem to like it. The current message is "Jesus: The First Thirty Years."

Did you know that the Bible devotes just 14 verses to the childhood and early manhood of Jesus? Everything we know about Jesus after his birth and until the age of 30 is contained in Luke 2:39-52. Of course, we have exactly the amount of information as God wanted us to have. That leads to two conclusions: 1) He didn’t want us to know very much and, 2) what He did want us to know must be very important!

I put together what I thought was a pretty funny list of questions about the "unknown" Jesus.

  • Did his boyhood friends tease him? If so, did he use his powers against them?
  • What kind of games did he play? Did he ever lose?
  • Did he ever get a spanking?
  • When he scraped a knee did he cry? Did he heal himself?
  • When he sat for SATs did he get a perfect score?
  • Did he date? Can you imagine your daughter dating Jesus? (That would be like dating Tim Tebow).
  • What did people make of him remaining a bachelor?
  • Did his workmanship put the other carpenters out of business?
  • Did he ever bang his thumb with a hammer and, if so, did he yell his own name?

Yours for changed lives,

Patrick Morley, PhD

Man in the Mirror

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